Secondary school and Business Academy Svitavy

The Grammar School, Business Academy and the Language School with Accreditation for State Language Examinations in Svitavy is a co-educational secondary school where students are provided with both general secondary education (the grammar school section offers 4-year and 8-year study programmes) and specialised secondary education (the business school section).  The Grammar School in Svitavy and the Business Academy used to be two separate secondary schools, but in 2018 a new secondary school was established by joining the two. The school is housed within two buildings – the main building where the grammar school and language school sections are and the secondary building where business study courses are taught. The buildings are within walking distance of each other.

The Grammar School aims to prepare students for university study. The school offers a balanced curriculum and in the final two years of study the students are encouraged to enroll in a variety of elective courses covering both sciences and humanities corresponding to their interests, needs and future career aspirations. As a result, the graduates can choose from a wide array of faculties at universities not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. They commonly select faculties of law, medicine, education, science, humanities or engineering. There have also been graduates gaining their university education at faculties of theology, fine arts or faculties of sports studies.

The Business Academy study programmes are organised in a way which balances theory with practice.  In the final two years, students are given an opportunity to focus on a particular field of study – general economics, business administration or financial counselling. The graduates can start a career in finance immediately after leaving school or they can choose to further their education by pursuing a degree in economics at university.

The vast majority of students attending the Grammar School live locally in the town of Svitavy or in the Svitavy region, whereas the business studies are chosen even by some students from other regions.

The school has a school canteen on its own premises (part of the main building). Regional students can be accommodated at a boarding hall in close proximity to both school buildings.

The Language School with Accreditation for State Language Examinations (also part of the main school building) organises language courses in English, German, French and Russian for the general public as well as for primary/secondary school or university students. The Language School offers a great range of courses (from 1-year to 5-year courses) at different ability levels (from A1 to C1). Advanced students are able to take a state language examination or they can opt for an internationally recognised language examination at an appropriate level (e.g. Cambridge English examination).

The school is run and funded by the Pardubice region (Komenského nám. 125, 532 11 Pardubice).


Milan Baca (headmaster)

Jaroslav Najbert (deputy head for the Grammar School)

Monika Peliskova (deputy head for the Business Academy)

Zdislava Smidova (director of studies of the Language School)

Petr Kalus (enquiries in English)